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Transformer losses

A transformer is built up of an iron core, and copper (or aluminium) windings around the core.

As a transformer becomes more loaded, the iron core loses a small portion of the transformer in both the iron and copper. Iron losses are due to the magnetising of the core, and copper losses are due to the heating of the winding.

This tool allows for an approximation of the active power (P) and reactive power (Q) losses at any given transformer load.

Having an idea of the losses seen at a transformer should assist in the determination of the gross power required in order to import or export a desired net amount.

This tool does not take into consideration the power factor of the load, and should just be used as a guide.

If impedance is set to 0, an estimate will be generated based on the Table 2.1 from the J&P Transformer Book, 13th Edition.

If losses is set to 0, an estimate will be generated based on Table 8B from the ANSI C37.010.

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